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Treadmill Sessions


What to expect

Let's go over a few things before we begin. 

Before we arrive, please make sure your dog doesn't eat or drink within 2 hours of a session. 

Once we arrive, your dog will be welcome to sniff around and get familiar with the bus and all the equipment. We provide the harness for your dog to use. Once your dog is in the harness we will safely clip them to the treadmill. 

Our largest treadmill is equipped a brake. The brake will be locked - so the treadmill won't move - as your dog adjusts to this new adventure. This may take a few minutes - and in some cases, a few tries. 

Dogs may begin to express stress and/or nervousness. It is completely unnatural for the ground to be moving underneath the dog. We allow them all the time they need to feel safe and comfortable before we assist them with a little movement.

We will be providing treats and lots of encouragement! And it's very helpful to have you there for extra support. In fact, we ask you to be there with your dog because they trust you the most. 

Dogs read our body language and energy. If you express nervousness, your dog will also be nervous. When you express your confidence and excitement, your dog will be ready to accept this new adventure!

Lots of clapping, treats, and squeaky toys, will make the running session very exciting. When it's time to slow down, we will slow our energy down and allow your dog to begin their cool-off time.


After dismounting from the treadmills, treats and water will be offered. Water will also be provided throughout the session. Playtime and excitement will be encouraged to reward your dog for being brave and trying something new! 

Tail wagging is a good indication that they had fun and will try it again! 

We can't wait to meet you and shake your dog's paw! 

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