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A Mobile Dog Gym

Treadmills for dogs? 

Yes! - Well actually, they are slatmills. We don't use complex human treadmills designed for humans. In fact, instead of a tread we use these wooden slats which are specifically design for dogs. You wouldn't expect a human shoe to fit a dog, would you? 

My slatmills are hand-made and custom made for dogs! And the best part - the dog sets the pace! They are manually powered, as opposed to human treadmills that can set a dangerous pace if the dog can't keep up. 

A treadmill walk doesn’t provide the same mental stimulation as getting out and sniffing and seeing the world. But when that’s not possible for whatever reason, it’s a great alternative! 

Meet Sara

Certified Veterinary Support Assistant and Founder

Born and raised right in the heart of St. George, Utah, Sara has always been proud to be a part of the community. Her love for dogs and staying fit has finally been combined with her own unique dream job of running dogs on treadmills.


With two dogs of her own, her parents' dog, her grandparent's two dogs, and her sister's four Great Danes and a Mastiff, she's gotten quite used to the slobbery kisses and fur-covered clothes. 

Although she loves her dream job, she will never encourage you to use her business over walking your dog. 

"I think it’s always better to go outside and run with your dog if you can. It will allow you to spend a great time with him, keep you both fit and improve your life in general." - Sara

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